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AllMyNotes Organizer is a multi-functional hierarchical information manager for Windows
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1,06 - please update
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16 October 2009

Editor's review

Writing notes or information in diaries or sticking and piling them up at table’s corner, boards, sides of PC monitor is a difficult task and even inconvenient as managing and finding information, ideas, or other noted tasks becomes difficult. And often you end up getting yourself in a messed up state as you may even lose some important information due to confusion. But, it’s time you give up these as lot many digital utilities are available that helps you in effectively recording and managing your all types of information. If you’re also looking for one then try out AllMyNotes Organizer 1,06. It’s a fantastic hierarchical information manager utility that aids you in saving your entire notes within a virtual folder in a single file. You can easily customize the tree structure as you can categorize notes into specific groups and subgroups. Even, you can instantly search for any information within the entire stored content.

With the AllMyNotes Organizer you can easily record and organize your notes, information, links, famous quotes, project details, and almost anything you want. For recording the information you can easily add new ‘Group’ folders like Business, Personal, Project, etc, and either add a subfolder or else directly add information file. Further, you’re provided an in-built text editor for writing information that also integrates different customization features like font, color, size, style, alignment, cut, copy, paste, etc. The left panel displays folders and their containing sub folders or files are presented over right area. After recording the necessary details, you can also carry out real-time search using different filters to find any required information. It also allows you to access, defragment, backup, and save the data folder, and apply password protection to your data. Moreover, you can alter program configurations relating Interface including Miscellaneous, Toolbar, Skins, and Language; Tools comprising Startup and Internet; and Other.

AllMyNotes Organizer 1,06 facilitates you in recording and organizing all your information, expertly. The application deservingly is marked with 4 rating point for its commendable functions and credible option-set.

Publisher's description

AllMyNotes Organizer is a multi-functional hierarchical information manager for Windows. Store all your Notes in virtual folders in one file!
Everyone is unique so AllMyNotes Organizer offers freedom of individualizing your notes in totally customizable tree structure.
All Notes stored in a single AllMyNotes Organizer file and can be grouped into flexible virtual folders enabling easy, intuitive access, and instant search at all times.
Ideal for:
* Capturing random information: note taking, diary, thoughts, ideas, letters, links, projects, ideas, goals, events, famous quotes
* Contact information: addresses, phones, call summary, chats. Many people believe that free-form format is better that traditional form-based - there is no limit at all. For some contact single line of text is enough, and for others you can keep megabytes of dossier - whole branch of documents grouped in hierarchy of folders
* Trip information: addresses, hotels, itinerary, car rental, electronic tickets, historic sites, landmarks, walking tours and restaurants
* Financial information, bills, bank account information, investments, taxes, access codes. Encrypt it all to feel safe!
* Password management, etc. Allow yourself to generate unique password for any web-site, no more need to keep everything in your mind
* Shopping: shopping list, prices, coupons, web-pages of online-stores with registration info, discounts and special offers
* Health, food, and dieting, fitness strategy, recipes
* Project planning
* Bible quotes
* Gift ideas
* TV programs: organize catalogue of favorite programs, schedule, reviews, keep dossier on favorite stars, capture interesting quotes
* Capture news
* Catalogue your DVDs and music - keep list of your CDs and DVDs, lyrics
* Genealogy tree, family records
* Kids: capture their achievements, funny cases, special dates and events
AllMyNotes Organizer
AllMyNotes Organizer
Version 1,06 - please update
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